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​​We teach educators how to work smarter not harder. Queue the fireworks because you’re about to kick butt at your job and take back your personal life.

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Do you know the secret to avoiding burnout? Creating rock solid systems, honing your communication skills, setting boundaries, and getting clear on who you are and what you want.

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Jessie & Joel here, you're new #1 fans.

We are so much more than “just teachers.” Joel is a personal development mastermind, self-care guru, push up machine, skilled ballet dancer, and Kombucha connoisseur. I’m a systems-minded queen, Excel nerd, aspiring handstand professional, travel enthusiast, and a cat mama. 

“Teacher” is just one of our many hats, and I bet you have a few more hats too!

Joel and I want to show you how to get a solid grip on your teaching gig, so you can give your best energy to whatever matters most to you.

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Do you love to learn as you listen? This podcast is for you. Each episode is a mini workshop with the exact tips, tricks, and systems we’ve used to go from barely keeping it together to knocking it out of the park.


The marigold Force

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Fortified with years of collective experience, and created to suit any teacher at any point in their career, our courses will show you how to tackle all the aspects of your job efficiently and with your own personal flair.


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"The Marigold Force encourages you to keep a healthy balance and set boundaries that will take your professional and personal lives to new levels."



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