Thoughts keepin' you up at night? Then I've got a secret weapon for You.

Yes, Please!

Leave those lesson plans
at school. Let’s get life back.

We believe that teaching should be part of you. Not all of you. Joel and I have done the 60+ work weeks already, and we’re not into it. To get ourselves off that hamster wheel, we invested years learning the strategies, systems, and hacks of the greats - shoutout to Oprah! Our own workflow and approach to teaching have completely transformed, and now we’re pumped to share all the juicy goodness with you!

System shakers, lemme grab your attention:

Companies lose up to 20-30% in revenue every single year due to inefficiencies. This data doesn’t exist for classrooms, but that percentage of lost time for you and lost learning for your students is a lot. Let’s develop some systems together to improve those stats.

How to Create Systems

How to Set Boundaries

Do you struggle to say “no,” and then end up spending your precious time and energy on something you’re not jazzed about? Then you need to set some boundaries, my friend. We’re boundary-setting queens over here, and we’ll show you all our secrets.

what you'll learn here: 

How to Manage Your Mindset

Can’t stop thinking about your students, or worse… your to-do list? Are you still ruminating over a conversation you had with one of your families? We’ve got a few strategies in our arsenal to tackle those tricky thoughts rolling around in your brain.


The Selfish Teacher

Dive deep into the HOW of our Marigold Force values: how to know yourself, your boundaries, your systems, your habits, and your mindset. This course is doable and easily personalized yet demands commitment and selfish behaviors. This course is for changemakers who know that change cannot happen when we over-function and burn out.


How to Stop “Selfless” Over-functioning and Start Putting Yourself First


The Scrappy Teacher

"Just show me something that's simple and actually works!"
If you're overwhelmed by figuring out so much so quickly, this course is for you. Learn my simple approach to classroom management, planning, instruction, assessment, feedback, and organization. 

Quickly learn how to become a "good" teacher so you have the time and energy to become "Great"

"You & Joel are changing the way I get through the day!"

I created playlists like you suggested not thinking I would ever use them. Turns out, the "Focus Playlist" totally helps me focus and lifts my mood! Funny thing is, I thought this one would be the one I listen to the least, but it's the one I listen to the most. 


Rejuvenated Her focus

Yes, It Really Works

"Food for the soul."

The Marigold Force feels like a warm hug. Jessie & Joel speak so authentically about their own experiences, while also providing you with concise, actionable steps, for your own self-improvement and reflection.



"Educator or not this needs to be in your rotation."

If you're interested in personal development this is for you. Even with all the podcasts I listen to and the books I read, Jessie & Joel manage to touch topics and techniques that I've never considered before. Their approach and passion for this work is very inspiring!


spiced up her growth

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