Beware of the Walnut Tree Teachers

Walnut teachers will suck your energy and passion for teaching. Marigold teachers will help you become the best version of yourself. We’ll show you how to find the marigolds and steer clear of the walnuts.

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Welcome to the Marigold Force Blog

For years Joel and I have been rolling up our sleeves and finding ways to make this crazy teaching career work for us. We've found tons of ways to work smarter, not harder and we're ready to spill all our secrets.  Grab that margarita or a glass of kombucha and pull up a chair!

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We like it salty and sweet

Is it really tough getting a weekly newsletter out to families? I totally get it. For years my weekly updates were all over the place (poor quality and/or infrequent) until I learned a few tricks. Spend less time creating weekly newsletters rich with helpful info. I'll send you the exact guide I use!

5 ways to streamline weekly newsletters!

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