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Nonnegotiables: 4 Things All Teachers Need to Make Habitual Now

Jessie Gebauer & Joel Carlovsky

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Joel: What are your nonnegotiables each day at home and at work? You know, the things you do no matter what to keep yourself strong and vital, so you can keep tackling whatever comes up. Do these daily habits look waaaaaaaaay different than they did a year ago? Has it been difficult to keep up these habits or even figure out what they need to look like right now?

Jessie: We get it. The daily habits turn into “every other day” habits that turn into “once a week” habits that soon make you question whether or not you even have anything in place since you don’t do them enough to even call them habits! We really get it.

Joel: Marigolds, today is all about nonnegotiables. We will be talking about the rests, resets, reflections, and celebrations that you are missing and why it is time to bring them back, reimagine them, and make them more habitual. Welcome to today’s episode: Nonnegotiables: 4 Things All Teachers Need to Make Habitual Now.

Reflect before diving in

Joel: I used to be so good with knowing my nonnegotiables. I am talking about the things that I do (or did!) every day to take care of myself – no questions asked. The things that bring me joy and peace and gratitude and leave me feeling balanced and grounded. Yup, those things. It’s gotten so bad that I am forgetting what my nonnegotiables even are or were.

Jessie: I get it. With some of my habits, I have completely stopped doing them. With others, I am trying so hard to keep them going. And even when I think, “Today is going to be the day!” I don’t always do it.

Joel: Same! But Jessie, a big reason why we started the Marigold Force was that we wanted to show teachers how to do the work to create systematic change in their lives. This is why we named four things that all teachers need to make habitual now.

Jessie: Yes! And before we get to those four things, we will start this work with a little bit of reflection and storytelling.

  • What used to be on your Nonnegotiable List? What should return on that list? What doesn’t need to be on that list anymore?
  • When do you find yourself struggling the most with your nonnegotiable list? Get specific because we are all busy and tired these days!
  • What self-care habit (or nonnegotiable) has impacted your teaching the most? What self-care habit is just not for you?
  • What has worked best for you for keeping up with your nonnegotiables?

>> Click here to listen to our responses on Apple Podcasts. You can also find The Marigold Force Podcast on your favorite platform, or scroll down to watch the video recording of the episode!

4 Things All Teachers Need to Make Habitual Now

Jessie: I’m going to sound like an old-school teacher right now but remember, Marigolds, that we are NOT just doing that “reflection first before the strategies” for the fun of it. We are doing it to connect to our personal whys, stories, and life lessons. Make sure you take the time to do the same. When we are aware of the whys, stories, and life lessons, it is so much easier to dive into these strategies.

Now Joel, let’s get to the 4 Things All Teachers Need to Make Habitual Now. We will share a nonnegotiable. We will share what that nonnegotiable looks like for each of us. And, we will share WHY it is important to build that type of daily habit.

Joel: Let’s dig into them. And remember, it doesn’t have to be a big gesture. Habits are built over time through small actions that lead to big growth.

Habit #1: Your Daily Rest(s)

Habit #2: Your Daily Health Reset(s)

Habit #3: Your Daily Reflection(s)

Habit #4: Your Daily Celebration(s)

>> Click here to listen to our responses on Apple Podcasts. You can also find The Marigold Force Podcast on your favorite platform, or scroll down to watch the video recording of the episode!

Call to action

Joel: Make sure you take a moment to reflect first before digging into these 4 daily habits. Once you identify the daily habit or habits that you want to focus on and why you want to focus on them, write them down. It’s okay to focus on just one. Usually, the trick is to choose one that resonates with you (or gets you excited and curious) the most.

Jessie: Put pen to paper! It is so important to help you stay accountable to yourself and your daily self-care habits. You want to get super specific with how you will be doing your daily habits – what is it, what will it look like, when will it happen, what are you hoping for, why are you doing it – write those important details down. Start small and build on that.

Joel: Whatever self-care nonnegotiable you choose, make a plan, write it down, and do it. I am a big fan of the mini celebrations throughout the day! Take advantage of all the opportunities around you to rekindle your self-care nonnegotiables. Do this now.

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